HVN Sleep Pod

The sensors in HVNSleep work to detect and collect snoring data. The device uses the most advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to recognize and analyze your snoring.

Once the HVNSleep hears you snoring, it sends out a range of 10Hz-60Hz micro electro impulses that stimulate your throat muscles and then makes adjustments according to your breathing, but without any painful shocks or rude awakenings.

The device also stimulates the sublingual muscles (under the tongue) and nerves,increasing the respiratory tract airflow and keeping you breathing smoothly throughout the night.

HVN Sleep Pod

HVN Sleep Pod

  • Certifications: CE, RED, RoHS, FCCID

  • Overview:

    • Dimensions: 40.5*25.5*13mmm

    • Weight: 10g

    • Pulse frequency: 53Hz ±10%

    • Battery capacity: 3.7V/80mAh

    • Run time: About 15 hours

  • Package

    • HVNSleep Pod x1 , Charging Dock x1

    • User Manual x1, Quick Start Guide x1, Wearing Guide x1

    • Charging Cable x1

    • Electrode pad x10

  • Unsuitable user

    People with pacemakers, implantable defibrillators or any other implanted metal or electronic devices; people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems; people allergic to electrodes and currents; people with skin ulcers on the site of adhesion; pregnant women or those in labor; and children under 16. Do not stick this product on the eyes or any other parts of the body.

HVN Sleep Pod

  1. Download Sleeplus app. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and open the app. Follow the guidelines on the app to pair the device.
  2. Stick the strip below your chin and ensure the groove is near your throat (make sure this site is clean and dry).
  3. Press the strip for about 30 seconds to make full contact with the skin. Then power on the main component and attach it to the conductive strip.
  4. Manual: Please download User Manual here!
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